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When you purchase a second home, investment property or vacation rental, you are not always there to oversee the general maintenance items these homes require. Storms, power outages, environment and mischief (people, rodents, and bugs) are just a fraction of the various sources that can cause damage to your home. Join the growing group of homeowners who rely on 979 VPS to have eyes on their home when they are not there. Owners trust 979 VPS to visit their homes once a month to inspect, test, and ensure critical systems are working and all is well with their valuable investment. “home care...for when you are not there.”

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Available for properties of all sizes - condos to estates in the Galveston, Surfside Beach, Freeport areas.

Pricing based on number of HVAC units and any additional services listed below.

How It Works!

Our 979 VPS Maintenance Manager visits your property on a regular monthly interval and each time performs our comprehensive home wellness check. This covers both the interior and exterior of your property. Some of the items include:


- Check and replace regular light bulbs with LED bulbs
- Check thermostats are set as requested
- Check for unwanted moisture and wood rot
- Check for water leaks around sinks, toilets, laundry areas
- Check for signs of pest infestation
- Flush toilets and run water in tub/sinks
- Check breaker box for any tripped circuits
- Change HVAC air filter(s) - filter(s) included

- Coordinate pest control application with our local qualified pest control company (service at additional cost)

- Coordinate HVAC inspection, cleaning, testing, drain line service, and reporting on all central systems (1 unit included, additional cost for multiple units)

- Change batteries in all smoke detectors/CO2 detectors


- Check and replace regular light bulbs with LED bulbs
- Look for signs of vandalism or attempted break-in
- Check roof for signs of damage or missing shingles
- Check siding and decking for damage or rot
- Ensure pool/hot tub areas are clean & operating, as applicable
- After each visit, a full report is completed along with pictures/videos of any findings and recommendations. If an urgent concern is found, we contact the member immediately.
- Coordinate lawn care with our qualified Lawn Care Specialist (additional cost)

Need additional services to make your time your own? Let us know and let’s see if we can help!


979 VPS Membership Program:

Just $99/month - 1 year agreement

-Includes 1 year HVAC service plan for a single HVAC unit:
  • 2 service visits by a qualified tech to service unit
  • Same day emergency HVAC service 365/year
  • 15% discount on parts and labor on any HVAC repair
  • 12 HVAC filters per each return, changed monthly
-Includes standard LED light bulb replacements

-Includes batteries for smoke and CO2 detectors and thermostat(s)

Recommendations and pricing quotes for upcoming maintenance


Additional central HVAC units and return air filters at $16/month/unit

Lawn Care (cut, trim, blow) $TBD but usually about $30 per cut/ 24 cuts per year

Pest Control - Quarterly service at $25 per month