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Owner Frequently Asked Questions

We have been working with 979 Vacation Property Services for over a year now, and they continually go above and beyond. As first time vacation beach home owners the process could not have been easier. We can't always get down to the house to meet contractors/cable company etc. Drew and Steven always step up, and treat our vacation home like it was theirs. We love working with them both and highly recommend them to anyone considering property managers. If you are considering 979 Vacation Property Services feel free to message me if you need a reference or more information. The offer a great service and are great to work with

- Penny McQueen, 979 Vacation Rental Owner Client 

Q. Do you handle booking guests?

A. Yes, we 100% handle the vetting and booking of Guests for your home using the major worldwide third party vacation rental platforms available and our own.

Q. Where do you market my home?

A. We post your home on the big 3 vacation rental sites, HomeAway (Premier Partner)/VRBO, AirBnB and Flipkey/TripAdvisor which syndicate to 100s more. And, of course, travelers may always come to our website to book their next stay.

Q. Do you take professional photos?

A. Yes, we have an exclusive agreement with our professional photographer to visit your home on a nice sunny day.  Remember, the photographs Guests view online are usually the only ones they need to make a decision on renting your home.  These are very important, and we take expert care in getting them organized on the 3rd party rental sites accurately.

Q. Do you have a checklist we can use to prep our home for rental?  

A. Yes, and in fact, if you'd like to request a copy now, simply click on our Contact Us page and complete with Owner Checklist Request in the Message field.

Q. Do you have maintenance folks?

A. Yes, and all are licensed and bonded.  If there is an issue with your home, we are on it!

Q. Do you have a cleaning crew?

A. Yes, and this is one very important.  Clean vacation rentals are vital in getting great reviews and repeat guests in your home.  We are extremely picky when it comes to the cleanliness with your home. In fact, our commitment is "your cleanest most comfortable stay"!

Q. Would 979 Vacation Property Services be considered a 'discount management company'?

A. Quality service and systems are not cheap but essential to a great Owner (and Guest) experience.  We are not the cheapest on the block, but we are certainly not the most expensive either.  We consider ourselves a high-quality and affordable full service solution to accountable vacation rental management.

Q. How do I get paid?

A. Fast! Most of our Owners prefer to get an ACH drafted to their bank account.  We initiate payments within just 72 hours after a Guest checkout. Paper check is an option, but one we don't prefer. Our goal is to get get you paid out quickly. 

Q. What makes you different?

A. All excellent businesses have one thing in common, excellent systems and excellent communication with the customer (in our case both the Owners and their home's Guests).  Our approach to vacation property operations is very systematic while very human on interaction. For example, we have a unique role within our company in which a "Perfector" team member comes in after the Guests depart and before the next Guests arrive to assess the home and make sure it is absolutely in great shape (peace of mind for the Owner) and is ready for a wonderful Guest experience. And, in our commitment to your cleanest most comfortable stay, we use very high-quality luxury hotel grade bedding for all your bedrooms and also high thread count bathroom linens for you and your Guests to enjoy.  We also supply a starter supply of good quality soaps and paper products so Guests (and you) can relax and immediately begin to enjoy their stay.

Q. Do you check my home before/after a guest?

A. Yes, we walk through your home post checkout before the cleaning crew arrives.  We check for any damage and missing items.  We also walk back through your home after the crew is finished to make sure nothing was accidentally missed as well as stage your home to ensure your home is presented properly for the next Guest arrival.

Q. How can I reduce or prevent guest damage?

A. The first defense against damage is to prevent certain high risk guests from renting your home in the first place. Each of our guests go through our insurance partner's underwriting process to verify whether the guest has had a history of damage or not.  This is beyond the reviews of guests commonly found on various vacation rental marketing listing portals.  Additionally, our field team does a fantastic job of doing a security check after the guests' departure.  They focus on making sure the garbage is removed, windows and doors are locked, lights are turned off, oven and stove in off position, water not left running, etc and the home is in an acceptable cleanliness state.  

That being said, guests do on occasion cause damage, typically very accidental.  After all, they are human. And should our field team discover any damage that the guest has not already contacted us about, we will take quick action to remedy.  Again, this is why we have partnered with a 3rd party insurance company who insures each and every stay up to $10,000 contents damage and $1,000,000 in liability.  The refers to damage and does not include common vacation rental wear and tear, of course.  

Q. How important are reviews?

A. Huge in the vacation rental space.  We take reviews very seriously and everything we do, from providing wireless door code access, spotless clean homes, top quality linens, and fully stocked supplies are just a part of what sets the expectation for a great review.

Q. How do I block dates for myself?

A. We use a proprietary online system in which you can see your comprehensive and current rental calendar.  You can block dates directly into the system in real time, 24/7.  Who needs sleep?

Q. What equipment do I need to get started?

A. We require a z-wave enabled door lock and thermostat along with controller hub, and a WIFI router.  If you already have z-wave enabled systems then all the better as we should be able to reprogram them for our systems.

Q. How do we determine the correct nightly rental rate?

A. Just as if you were selling your home, we look at the attributes and qualities your vacation rental offers Guests and compare to others in your immediate area to determine a logical base rate.  We then use the base rate to plug into our pricing systems to determine appropriate prices to compensate for seasonality.

Q. Do I need WIFI?

A. Yes for 2 important reasons.  First, Guests these days expect at least internet access during their stay to keep in touch via email and research local activities.  Second, we use z-wave enabled devices like door locks and thermostats to not only control access and temperatures, but also to monitor them for security reasons and HVAC problems.

Q. What about taxes, both income and also occupancy?

A. We are a full management company, so we not only charge and collect the appropriate tax rate given the location of your vacation rental, we also pay the Hotel Occupancy Tax (HOT) and any local taxes on your behalf.

Looking for more info about 979's rental services?  Please give us a call at 979.799.6970 or shoot us a message through our Contact Us page.