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Dreamwrkz Ventures (DV) is 979 Vacation Property Service's chic home design division. DV was specifically created to help Owners maximize their vacation rental's Guest experience, and in turn, the Owner's return - rentential.  


Clients of DV typically ask...

How do I get more bookings?  

How can I get higher nightly rates?

How can I help my home standout from the competition?

How can I give my Guests a 5-star experience gleaning 5-star reviews without a 5-dollar sign budget?

How do I generate more repeat Guests?

If this sounds like you, you've come to the right place.

meet the chief designer


With 15+ years in real estate improvement and residential home remodeling under her belt, Joelle has mastered the in's and out's of compelling attractive design and project management. She's often heard saying, "I've made all the mistakes, so you don't have to.  The good news is, I don't make the same mistakes twice."  And when it comes to maximizing your vacation rental return, Joelle and her team of professionals don't make mistakes, especially when it comes to your money.  

Creativity (and frugal yet tasteful tendencies) is what makes Joelle an excellent partner in preparing your vacation rental for ultimate success. Her ability to visualize a space's potential and then convert that into something special is where Joelle shines (and what wakes her up each day).

To contact Joelle about maximizing your home's retential, please click here.

bonus section 

vacation rental design tips 

  • Incorporate outdoors in and indoors out 

  • Install good lighting including bulb color - want warm or cool depending on the space

  • Limit the color, keep fairly monochromatic but then add pops of your favorite color

  • Highlight height in rooms, especially when working with lower ceilings 

  • Determine your “anchor” focal piece in each room - think like anchor store in a mall 

  • Offer multiple textures to give character and dimension

  • Open up the space - declutter, less is more 

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